Oct 10, 2011

NYCC sketch pre-orders

Okay, so last week I posted about taking pre-orders for sketches at NYCC. The response was OVERWHELMINGLY in favor of the idea. So, I’m going to open up the list right now. I’ve already taken some pre-orders, and I only want to take 12 so that I can still take some at the show. So get in ASAP if you’re interested!

The sketches are on 9 x 12 and they are ink with some marker. They cost $100.

Email me at stegmanr at gmail dot com if you’re interested and I’ll give you my paypal info assuming that I still have openings.

Thanks to everyone who replied last week prompting me to take pre-orders! You were a huge help.


Oct 7, 2011

New York Comic Con!

Hey folks,

Next week I’ll be at the New York Comic Con. And I’ll be doing sketches. The price will be $100. The sketches will be single character on 9 x 12 with ink and some marker.

What I’m thinking about doing is taking 5 per day. I’m not sure if I’m going to take the 5 each morning or if I’m gonna take them all up front, first 20 that get in get a sketch by Sunday. What do you guys think/prefer?

Email me at stegmanr at gmail dot com and let me know.

Also, do you guys prefer to do pre-orders via email? I honestly don’t know. Email me about that too.

Thanks, and hope to see you in New York!