Mar 15, 2011


Hey folks,

This weekend I will be at C2E2 in Chicago. That's Friday through Sunday, March 18-20.

I wanted to fill you all in on where you can find me and buy stuff from me and meet me and give me money and have me sign stuff.

Okay, so I'll be set up on Artist Alley, table A-4. You can check out the floor plan of the con here:

You can also catch me at the Marvel booth Saturday from 1 to 2 and Sunday 12 to 1. I'll be signing comics. Preferably ones I've drawn. Maybe some She-Hulks? Sif? Magician: Apprentice? Incredible Hercules? Incredible Hulk? Stuff like that.

At the show I'll be doing sketches. Sketches are first come first serve. I can't take pre-orders but I don't think I'll have trouble getting to everyone.

Pricing on sketches is as follows:

$40 head sketch
$100 full body sketch

As you can see I prefer to do head sketches because they're easier and faster, but if you really want the full body sketch, I'm not gonna stop you. I'll do a nice job on whatever it is you want.

Also, I'll be selling prints for $20 each. They look like this:

I'll also be selling the remaining copies of my sketchbook "Simple" for $10.

And lastly, I'll have a TON of original art from She-Hulks and other projects there for sale or just to browse through if you're interested in comic art.

I'll be accepting credit cards as well, so no need to bring cash!


Mar 9, 2011

Fear Itself: Deadpool cover

Yeah! I did a Deadpool cover! Read about it here:

Yeah! I did a Deadpool cover! Read about it here: