Feb 27, 2010

SIF preview!

Hey folks,

The most righteous dudes and dudettes over at Marvel.com posted a preview of the Sif one-shot that I'm doing with most tubular scribe Kelly Sue DeConnick. It's got a bunch of pencil art. I've linked to the same pages here, but go check it out at Marvel.com located here:



Feb 18, 2010


The second issue of my three issue run of Red She-Hulk backups came out yesterday. DID YOU GET IT?! I hope so.

In keeping up with the tradition that I started last month, a tradition unlike any other, I have decided to post a few of the pages up here.

Don't forget, Incredible Hulk 608 will offer up the thrilling conclusion! And then I will have another 8 pager in the World War Hulks anthology, which is out relatively soon also. Oh, and also, don't forget SIF! See previous post for release info.

Thanks for stopping by! I love you. And you.