Oct 26, 2009

A reason to blog

Hey folks,

So I haven't blogged in a while. And with good reason. Actually, I have the stupidest reasons ever.

Reason one is, I'm working on a project that I'm not allowed to talk about for Marvel. And so I just can't put anything up.

Reason two is, I had all but stopped sketching. Lame, right?

Well, Skottie Young got on my case about it and gave me a very valuable piece of advice: When sketching, don't think about work. Just do whatever comes to your mind, whatever you want to do. So I tried it. And it was a blast.

I think I always had an aversion to just sketching because it felt like work. Because I made it about work. But now I'm just having FUN.

So what I've decided to do is start posting sketches that I'm doing once a week. I'll try and sneak in a panel or two from my secret project also...But I really can't show anything unless it doesn't have characters in it. But I'm inking myself and trying some new things, so I'm gonna show some stuff.

Anyway, here above are some sketches. I like sketching in red ball-point pen for some reason. I try sketching with blue pencil or regular pencil or whatever, but nothing is nearly as fun as red pen sketching. Whodathunk?

So keep checking back and I'll make this damn blog worthwhile YET!

Oh, and here's a sneak peek at something that out of context will make no sense, but it's from my new project: