Aug 23, 2011

Ashcan Allstars week 3: ZELDA!

My Zelda drawing for Ashcan Allstars this week! Check out all the cool Zelda art at

Aug 22, 2011



This Friday through Sunday I will be at the Toronto Fan Expo! So you know what that means. I will be doing sketches. And selling prints. And selling sketchbooks. And selling original art!

I just wanted to let you know up front what the sketch prices will be.

So here ya go: I'll be charging $80 for full 9 x 12 images. This will be fully inked. Also, I'll be charging $40 for head sketches.

How's that sound? Good, I hope.

I'll have the She-Hulks print and X-23 print too, selling for $10. They are at the top of this blog post.

Okay, so, stop by and say hi. Flip through my art work. Have me sign stuff and let's be friends!


Aug 16, 2011


My entry into this week's Ashcan Allstars! BLACKSAD! Check out the blog at Tons o' great stuff!