Apr 19, 2010

C2E2, Sif #1, and sketchbook information

Hey folks!

So I had a blast at C2E2. Great times, great people, great fans...Just great all around.

Now that I'm home and back to work, I thought I'd drop some knowledge on you all about my new book that comes out this Wednesday (4/21). It's called Sif. It's a one-shot from Marvel Comics. And it's written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, penciled by yours truly, inked by Tom Palmer and colored by Juan Doe.

At the bottom of this post you can see 6 preview pages.

Okay, also, I am selling my sketchbooks at bigcartel.com. Go to http://ryanstegmanstore.bigcartel.com to purchase. See previous blog posts to find more information.

Thanks everyone, I appreciate you stopping by!


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  1. You do a good job with the Copiel innkeeper glasses lady. I wonder if she's designed after a real person.