Jan 22, 2010

Red She-Hulk backup and Sif One-Shot announcement

Hey guys!

So Incredible Hulk 606 came and went on Wednesday. DID YOU BUY IT? Because it featured my backup story of Red She-Hulk.

Anyway, in honor of this remarkable event that changed the world I have decided to post up the first five pages of pencils from the project. Go compare it to the finals or something!

Also, in case you missed it, I will be illustrating a Sif One-Shot for Marvel written by Kelly Sue DeConnick. You can read more about that here: NEWSARAMA

After that, I have basically no time to illustrate ANOTHER 8 page Red She-Hulk story for a World War Hulks anthology. Gonna be a fun couple months!




  1. Wow. I really dig all the broken line stuff you did to the figures to show speed and force etc. Kind of Manga-ish, no?

  2. I think that there are definitely manga influences, but I think in this case it might reflect the style that McGuiness and Churchill have been bringing to the Hulk book recently. At least...it seems that way to me.

  3. Y'know, I replied to this already once, but for some reason it didn't post. Sorry about that!

    Anyway, your manga observation is 100% accurate. My storytelling bible is Akira, and I've been a long-time reader of a lot of manga. When it comes to action sequencing and speed lines, I generally think I get that from Samura's Blade of the Immortal and Otomo. So thanks for noticing!

    However, Jeff is also right, because I'm a huge McGuinness fan! I think he probably gets a lot of his speed and force things from manga as well. So I think it's a case of similar influences as well as my interest in how McGuinness constructs the figure.

    Yeah! Thanks for posting dudes.