Sep 9, 2014

Hi there, iam a huge fan of your work and your style is really cool. And very influential. I would just like to ask the question you probably always get asked. How did you get starting in drawing comics? Did you go to cons and speak to editors etc, or did you go down a less traditional route? Many thanks Shaun

I DO get asked this a lot. But I don’t mind answering again.

I started by posting drawings on and getting critiques from other aspiring artists. It was fantastic and very helpful. Because my stuff was online and readily available, people could find me on that site and they’d ask me to work with them on projects. Most of the projects were non-starters, but when a project called “Midnight Kiss” came along I jumped all over it and it actually got published and I was off to the races.

I also went to cons and talked to editors, but that never gave me as much traction as the work I did online did. I would put my stuff on every website in existence. I’d email anybody that was looking for talent. And on and on until it all worked out.

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