Jul 29, 2009

Chicago Comic-Con!

Hey folks,

I'll be attending the Chicago Comic-Con August 6-9th. Click the link for more info. I'll be set up at booth #4528 with Erik Jones. And right next to us will be the sexy ass Mike Norton.

Attached here is my "sketch menu". Buy lots of sketches. LOTS of sketches. So read up on the pricing and look for this sign at the show to find me.

This year I'll be trying something a little different and having "sketch cards". I made 'em myself. Get 'em now and sell 'em on eBay. Those things go for a lot 'o money. Here's what they look like:

Also, I will be selling prints of these images for the low low price of $10:

AND LASTLY, you can buy my original art from either me or Cadence Comic Art, who will also be at the show. Can't beat that!

Hope to see you all there!



  1. That Link print is fantastic. All of them are cool, but that one especially.

  2. I'll be seeing you there! Your art kicks ass. FYI You're TOTALLY gonna have to draw me a full body Black Cat at the Con.

    Just a heads-up. Haha

  3. Mike! I look forward to the challenge. That'll be a fun one. And Bill, thanks. I appurshiate it.